Layla – 9 days

This little girl was one of the most perfect little models! She was so laid back she slept through most of the session. This is the reason that you need to get newborn photographs taken within the first 2 weeks, at that age they stay curled up, and they sleep through a lot. All of these photographs were taken at Layla’s home with her mam and dad, you really don’t have to travel anywhere to have them done, because let’s face it, that’s the last thing you want when you’ve just had a baby 🙂

baby in sling on tree branch

baby with head band

newborn close up

newborn in rabbit hat

baby in wrap

baby in crate

newborn hands

baby profile view

Newborn on stomach

mother, father and child

sleeping baby

dad holding baby

newborn on blanket

curled up baby

baby photography newcastle upon tyne

newborn baby in bonnet

newborn feet black and white

newborn in sling

Newborn photograph gateshead

newborn baby photographs

north east photographer

9 day old baby

newborn baby

newborn photographer newcastle upon tyne

Thanks for looking!

Sarah x

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