North East Photographer – ‘In house viewing sessions, what’s that all about then?’

When you book Little Dot Photography for your children’s portraits, the experience remains personal from start to finish. Once the final edits have been selected, I will come and visit you in the comfort of your own home to go through the images at your own pace, and at a time that suits you. This allows you to ask me any questions you may have about displaying your prints, or help to put the size of prints into perspective, or anything else you may wish to discuss. Of course, you can still opt for viewing your images online if you’re strapped for time, because that’s what makes Little Dot personal!


Sarah x

North east photographer – Meet the youngest member!

If you remember a few weeks back I did a maternity shoot for the lovely Amanda and was privileged to meet her beautiful baby girl. I would like to introduce you to baby Lydia, this is her at 5 days old. Isn’t she just GORGEOUS!




North east newborn photographer





Sarah x

North East Photographer – Products

In this digital age, most information is shared online, so I am happy to announce that web ready files will now be made available with each shoot. This means that you can upload the files and share them with your Facebook or Twitter friends, or even share them on your Blog. The files will be available as a collection of the full shoot (20-30 files) and you will receive these either via Email or on a flash drive!

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North East Photographer – Happy Mammy

Here’s some more feedback I received yesterday from this photo shoot:

North East Photographer – Prints & Packaging

If you choose Little Dot Photography for you portraiture, I personally come to your home to display your photographs to you. You then have the choice of which you would like printed and in what size. The files are colour matched to a professional printing company using their colour profile, which means…the colours you see at the viewing will be the colours that you get at print!
Once I receive the prints, they are hand delivered to your door in frame mounts for single prints or presentation boxes for collections, and as an added extra, you get a fabulous little flash drive with any collection purchases with your watermarked digital files on!

Sarah x

North East Photographer – Dressing For A Shoot

This is often a sticking point for people once they’ve booked a photo shoot, so I thought I would go over some important points to help out. The most important thing to remember is that you are investing in a piece of art to compliment your home and decor. If you have white walls, it probably wouldn’t be wise to go for a seamless white background in your photographs…and the clothing choice is equally important.

I would suggest that you opt for clothing that has staying power through the years as you don’t want it to feel dated before it’s time, however you may also not want to play it too ‘safe’ as this can inhibit the impact of an image. Below is a collection of clothing to give you an idea of fashion that works well in front of the camera:

(Available at Lillipops Designs)

(Available at Emmi Lee Designs)

(Available at Mamas & Papas)

Please remember that these are just suggestions to help anyone out who may be struggling in the wardrobe department, it’s essential that you choose clothes that your child is comfortable in and that reflects their personality. However, it is best to steer away from local football strips or character t-shirts like Barny the dinosaur! Also, don’t put a pony tail in your little girls hair, it will make her look bald!

Lastly, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you’re still at a loss…I’ll be happy to help 🙂

Sarah x

North East Photographer – Turning of Age

It was coming up to Reuben’s first birthday and it was his mums birthday only a week later so she was treat to a photo shoot to make it a memorable one.


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